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Home Automation

Complete Home Automation has never been possible at such an affordable price.  Control your media rooms, multi-room audio systems, lighting, security, climate control and much more.  Get full remote access control with cameras and door lock control with email notifications.  Complete media streaming solutions including conversion of your own media.


Cable and Wiring

Whether it is a single room, a lower level completion or a complete home we can design and install future proof wires, cables and conduits to carry the multitude of required audio, video, control, communications and data cables needed for today's smart homes.  In addition we install conduit to all key locations to accommodate future needs yet to be created.

Large Plasma

Entertainment Room Design

Entertainment rooms are the multi media focal point of today's homes.  From large flat panel OLED and LED panels to two piece projection systems capable of delivering bright sharp images in brightly illuminated rooms.  Combined with multi channel A/V receivers capable of delivering the perfect theatrical experience without leaving your home.


Home Theater Installation

When you want even more than an Entertainment Room can offer, consider a dedicated Home Theater.  State of the art projection systems with 4K / HDR capability.  Add cinema quality screens, customized lighting, high resolution multi channel audio and comfortable seating.  Don't forget smart home one button control convenience.  Add some popcorn and settle into an unequaled home video experience.

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